Why How Yes Sales Podcast

Let’s fix broken sales skills

Sales as a science is young, VERY young. The first book on the science of selling, Influence by Robert Cialdini, did not come out until 1982. Even then, the book was aimed toward consumers in order to prevent them for being taken for a ride by “smooth” salespeople.

Prior to that, sales was not a science. It was just highly charismatic individuals like Dale Carnegie and Zig Zigler voicing their best guesses. They got it right quite a bit, but what they missed can easily make the difference in your business.

My job is to help you get to the “Yes” the right way.

My name is Red Stafstrom, and I am here to help you fix your broken sales skills.

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Episode 1: Are Your Sales Skills Broken?

Episode 2: Marketing Vs Sales

Episode 3: What To Wear

Episode 4: Hunter / Fisher / Farmer

Episode 5: Social Media and Sales

Episode 6: Hard Closing

Episode 7: KARE for Customers

Episode 8: Working Around a Negative Mindset

Episode 9: Emotional Triggers

Episode 10: Curing No-Phobia

Episode 11: Asking the Right Questions

Episode 12: Tells and Micro Expressions

Episode 13: DISC Personalities

Episode 14: How Sales Got Broken

Episode 15: Are Introverts Better at Sales?

Episode 16: The Process

Episode 17 : The Widget (Coming 2/26)

Episode 18: Video (Coming 3/2)

Episode 19: Emotions (Coming 3/4)

Feel Free to email with with any questions or topics you would want to have me cover.